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Do you know and recognize all the elements of WHMIS?

Key elements of WHMIS 2015 WHMIS 2015 divides hazardous products into two major hazard groups: • Physical hazards • Health hazards GHS also defines an environmental hazards group. This group (and its classes) was not adopted in WHMIS 2015 since it is beyond the direct scope of WHMIS legislation (i.e., workplaces). The physical and health …

WHMIS 2015 – An Overview

WHMIS Overview WHMIS first came into effect on October 31, 1988. It was created to address the rights of Canadian workers, to know about health and safety hazards associated with chemicals that they use or may come in contact with in the workplace. In February 2015, Canada aligned WHMIS with the Globally Harmonized System of …