Interview Tips

Interview Tips

Here, DSS’s top Recruitment Specialists and Managers offer some valuable advice to help you get through that interview with flying colours.

The Top 5 Tips for Interviewees

  1. Be Prepared – It’s important to be confident and prepared as soon as you sit down.
    1. Have a copy of your resume, cover letter, and three working references available in case you’re asked for them.
    2. Practice questions and answers beforehand.
    3. Do some research on the company you’re interviewing with (check out their website).
  2. Arrive on Time – Arriving late makes for a terrible first impression.
    1. Play it safe by arriving 15 minutes early.
    2. Plan your route and have a back-up.
    3. Give yourself plenty of time to get ready.
  3. Be Positive – Negativity will hurt your image and deter employers.
    1. Don’t bad-mouth previous employers.
    2. Have a positive attitude.
    3. Negative feedback is not what the interview is about.
  4. Be Yourself – Recruiters can tell if you’re trying to be someone you’re not.
    1. It’s okay to be nervous, just don’t try to be someone else.
    2. Answer questions honestly.
    3. Be yourself, but refrain from cursing, using slang, or using abbreviations.
  5. Know what you want – Being specific helps everyone involved.
    1. Have a specific role in mind.
    2. Ask questions that help you learn about your goals.
    3. Don’t tell an interviewer you’re happy with “any job.”

Common Mistakes

  • Don’t come to an interview unprepared. It makes you look disinterested as a candidate, and it will make Recruiters or employers feel as though you’re wasting their time.
  • Avoid Negativity. Don’t talk poorly about past employers or work experiences.
  • Poor presentation and appearing disinterested can severely hurt your chances with your interviewer.
  • Don’t speed through your interview. Slow down and be methodical in your answers. It’s okay to take your time if you answer questions intelligently.

Dress to Impress

  • Unless you’ve been instructed otherwise, dress as professionally as possible. Wear the clothes that match the position you want to achieve in your career; it will show Recruiters you are ambitious.
  • A good rule to follow is to dress one level above the normal daily attire for the position you’re interested in.

Don’t Leave Home Without It

There are some items you should always bring with you to your interview.

  • Resume – Even if you’ve already submitted your resume, it’s a good idea to bring another copy to the interview. You’ll look prepared and organized, a sought-after attribute in every profession.
  • References – These will always be required, so having a current list on hand is a good idea. Have a brief description of your relationship with each of the references and be prepared to leave the document with the employer or Recruiter.
  • Social Insurance Number – If all goes well, the company or agency will need your Social Insurance Number in order to get you on the job.