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Our Recruiters

Our Team Is Your Strength

Customer service and a relationship built on mutual trust, both with our candidates and our clients, has been a cornerstone of Diversified Staffing Services (DSS) since our inception in 1978. We understand that it takes a great deal of faith to partner with a recruitment firm; the trust placed in us to allow a third party to represent your organization, potentially to hundreds of candidates, is always at the forefront of our recruitment team’s mind.

DSS has represented all of our clients with professionalism and integrity for over 40 years. Our candidate-centric approach promotes effective communication, realistic expectation setting and consistent follow ups with all candidates to ensure they feel respected and valued throughout the recruitment process.

DSS’s recruitment professionals are tenured professionals with years of industry experience and are focused on providing the best service by following our proven methodology of team before the individual. What this means is that all DSS recruitment professionals work together, sharing both candidate applicants and client needs, to ensure that the best candidates are available regardless of the recruitment professional working with our clients. This team approach is then reinforced by over 250 combined years of leadership experience, ensuring our candidates and clients are supported throughout the process.

By utilizing DSS’ services, you are not just enlisting the services of an individual, but rather leveraging an entire team of professionals focused on providing the best service possible, with a culture of integrity and respect that has cemented our reputation as an industry leader.