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How Important is Hand Hygiene?

New Years Winter Safety Tips

The inevitable winter ice and snow just makes a more hazardous environment that could increase the risk of injuries. Canadians will have snow and ice to deal with at home and at work. Prevent slips, trips, and falls this winter season. Keep these safety tips in mind while navigating through the snow and ice: GENERAL …

Winter Hazards and How to Avoid Them!

The winter season brings cold temperatures and often times severe weather conditions that create many hazards for individuals working in these conditions. Even if you work indoors, winter weather still poses many hazards for you such as driving into work in bad weather or walking through an icy parking lot to get to your building. …

Workplace Fire Safety

Make It Your Business To Know Fire can break out anywhere, including where you work. Each year numerous fires in the workplace cause injury and property loss. If a fire started in your office or in the building where you work, would you know what to do? Do you know your workplace evacuation procedures in …