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Work Hard, Be Open to Change, and Be Open to New Opportunities

With all the news going on around town about layoffs, closures, and downright sad news, it’s time that we added some excitement back into the job search!

Diversified Staffing Services and it’s team are working hard to pair up clients who are looking to fill a role, with the best employee for the job.

The bulk of our positions here are temporary, however, did you know that we also have a team of permanent recruiters? Keep reading for a great success story that happened not too long ago from one of our team members, Breanna.

Breanna had been working hard to find a manager for an industrial equipment rental company, and was doing most of her search on Indeed. She came across a resume that stood out, due to the experience in the industry and the longevity at their previous positions.

Since the applicant was living in a different city, she was more than happy to set up an online interview. The process was simple and seamless, and once Breanna had finished she decided to send him forward to have a second interview with the client, where he was offered the job on the spot, and a 15% increase in salary to fit his needs.


“Raises tend to hover around 3 percent on average, while jumping to a new job might mean a significant pay increase.”

Doyle,A. (2019, January 29). How Often Do People Change jobs? Retrieved from  https://www.thebalancecareers.com/how-often-do-people-change-jobs-2060467


Six months later, Breanna is happy to report that he is still working for the client, and loving his managing position. Moral of the story: work hard, be open to change, and be open to new opportunities. You never know where life will take you.