What’s in it for me?

What’s in it for me?

A common mindset for most in the sales sector.

Being profitable is the primary focus of any business where profitability equals viability. But what if we came from the first perspective that a business’s purpose is to be of service and benefit to the community to make its viability FIRST and profitability second?

People are savvy these days and without expressing the proper respect and showing the potential value for clients quickly, opens the door for a possible harsh backlash. No one appreciates getting the wool pulled over their eyes especially if it’s an obvious “just another annoying sales call” moment. What people do appreciate and crave these days are genuine authentic connections-that you see them as a person and not some means to an end.

Here are a few quick tips to create just that:

  1. Feel good about yourself first before meeting with any clients. Happiness and appreciation is infectious. In a busy work environment everyone appreciates a little acknowledgement and a great warm smile.
  2. Be concerned and empathize with their situation. In addition to listening for cues on how we can best serve them take a moment to “feel their pain”. Doing so creates an emotional link which builds trust.
  3. Be curious. Depending on the nature of your call choose to put aside a little time to just ask genuinely how they are doing with ALL your attention and focus on them.       To feel like you are truly seen and matter is one of the most powerful ways to create a deep connection quickly.
  4. Be helpful. Use your observation skills and pick up cues about how you can make their life easier. Just being mindful of his/her time whether it’s a quick card drop off at reception to a meeting with a decision maker not only adds to making a favorable impression but hopefully a lasting one.
  5. Exploring forgiveness has many benefits. Sometimes giving people a little leeway goes a long way to building lasting relationships. You do not know what another person is going through in their life-from just feeling the daily stresses of life accumulate to hearing about an unexpected life altering event. As you continue to practice this you will find forgiveness is more for yourself than the other person. So everyone wins.

By continually practicing these tips daily with any potential prospects, you will find people are more receptive with open attitudes which may pave the way to not just a sale but breeding customer loyalty and increasing brand recognition.