Tips from Calgary Recruiters on How to Make a Great First Impression

More often than not, employers and Calgary recruiters are looking for ambitious, self-starters who go the extra mile to complete projects/tasks and are not afraid to be proactive in starting new ones.   Definition of proactive:  pro*ac*tive (adjective)  Active means “doing something.” The prefix pro- means “before.”  So if you are proactive, you are ready before something happens.

 Most times, with Calgary temp agencies, temp jobs can range from one day to three months; with one day jobs being the majority of the jobs available through recruitment agencies in Calgary.  Having said that, when you apply a strong work-ethic, the client is more likely to extend a job or position to have you undertake other tasks, which could open up doors and opportunities for more work either immediately or down the road.  It can also result in the client/employer requesting you again from the Calgary temp agency when the employer is in further need of an employee.  After orientating a worker(s), it is a lot easier for an employer to keep that worker active on their payroll and working on their site as opposed to having to re-train a new employee. 

 Suggestions on ways to make a great first impression to an employer, Calgary Recruiter, or Calgary Temp Agency:

  • Positive attitude – please see the link attached below on having a positive attitude
  • Be prepared and on time – arriving 10 minutes early with your protective gear on and ready to go
  • Listen to your supervisor- repeat the instructions to them so that they appreciate that you heard and understand the task at hand
  • Eye contact – be sure to keep eye contact with your supervisor or Calgary recruiter so that they know you are engaged in what they asking of you
  • Safety is key – conduct yourself in a safe and professional manner at all times.  In industrial, safety is the top priority for everyone involved
  • Ask Questions – if you are unsure of the task that you have been asked to complete, please always be sure to ask questions   
  • Accountability for the work that you do – caring about the quality of work that you perform will go a long way.  Employers and Calgary recruiters take notice of those who care about the quality of their work