Think about your Resume

The first impression that employers most often have of candidates is from their resume. It is important to stand out from the stacks of applications, with a resume that really sells your skills and accomplishments. Does this deserve more than a cut and paste of new job details into a template?
Think about your typical resume…

• Is listing the duties of your previous positions enough?

• Should you assume that an employer understands what words such as reception, filing, accounts payable, data entry etc., entail or should you add more detail.

• Should you add specific examples of how you applied said duties to your last position and even some specific achievements that these applied duties brought to the company?

• Is using words such as; Responsible for, Helped, Worked, Creative, Excellent, or Motivated considered too cookie cutter or even outdated?

• Is it better to put just your years of experience or should you put actual dates that you worked at a company?

Think about the things that make you stand out the most, in terms of your previous employment. Then relate those skills to the job you’re applying for. They can make you stand out from the rest.

With the current job market and the online application systems we use today, you have to create a resume that gives the employer a quick and accurate snap shot regarding who you are and what skills you offer. Each resume should be as individual as you are. You should show what skills you have that pertain to the position you are applying for and how you can contribute to their team. Here is some tips that may work for you….

By the Red Deer Office Team