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The Perfect Summer Job?

Summer work placements that provide students with experience for their resumes and an opportunity to practically apply what they have learned are highly sought after at this time of year.  To gain relevant office, technical or corporate experience, many young professionals pursue co-op programs and internships; however, beyond these traditional ways of gaining experience, there may be another way! Utilizing a staffing agency, such as Diversified Staffing Services (DSS), is a great way for students to find quality placements and gain professional experience over the summer. Here are a few reasons why a student may want to use a staffing agency for summer employment:


Gain Industry knowledge:

Knowledge about the industry in which a student hopes to pursue a career should be a key part of their educational and professional development. To have a competitive edge, students should be aware of industry developments, challenges and trends for the future. Having practical experience within their preferred industry can also allow students get their foot in the door through networking opportunities or an extension of a summer placement. When a student becomes a DSS candidate, they open themselves up to a variety of potential opportunities within industries, such as: oil and gas, software, construction, manufacturing, logistics, food and beverage or many more industries, which DSS provides quality candidates for across Alberta.


Flexible work:

Due to the nature of many co-op and internship opportunities, students often have challenges taking vacation during the beautiful summer months. As a DSS candidate, you have flexibility and control over when you work and accept placements. Candidates can choose to balance their professional lives with other activities by working only a few days a week or by taking a few weeks off. DSS provides a variety of placement options including short-term, long-term and part-time, which results in many opportunities to fit any schedule.


Variety of experience:

It is important for a young professional to gain different experiences to understand what they like and what they want for the future. As a DSS candidate, a student is able to experience a variety of positions and industries which enables them to better comprehend what they truly want for their future. Also, because of the wide variety of potential DSS placements, students can be exposed to a position or industry that they may never have considered, leading to amazing self-discovery moments that are crucial to a student’s personal and professional development.


DSS understands how important professional development and experiences are to students across Alberta. Our recruiters are happy to speak with any student or young professional who would like to know more about the opportunities that DSS has available over the summer months. At DSS we believe in the importance of summer work placements for a student’s professional development so much that we have a couple students of our own, check out DSS’s summer Industrial Recruitment Support, Justin Katelnikoff (left) and summer Administrative Assistance James Kapp (right)!