The Issues Faced when Finding Temporary Work


What are the biggest issues faced when finding temporary work?

First off, when we talk about issues, it boils down to a few key elements. The first of which is: What is preventing our candidates from becoming more successful in finding positions? Ultimately, when our candidates succeed, we follow suit. Here at Diversified Staffing, our success is defined by finding our candidates’ positions in order to help them grow, learn different skills, responsibilities and eventually (if things work out) full time positions with one of our great clients. This means a lot of leg-work on our end in finding the companies looking for great, flexible and personable temporary staff.

One of the biggest issues we face while conducting interviews with existing and potential candidates about their employment within our company is an inability to be consistent with attendance. As you can imagine, showing up for work consistently is one of the largest factors in determining if a candidate stands out as reliable, and dependable. Our staff is no stranger to the issues that we all face at home, or away from work, and with that being said, we could never expect individuals personal lives to be seamless. ‘Life’ just seems to happen; completely out of our control… Vehicles break down, people get sick, kids need babysitters, and that’s life! In order to become one of our right hand men (and women) the ability to show up, be consistent and be reliable is a sure-fire way to secure yourselves a phone call when an opportunity comes our way!

Another challenge our candidates face is a tendency to apply for jobs in their particular field and only sticking to what they know. An enormous advantage to seeking work through an agency, such as ours, is the chance to expand your knowledge in the job market and test out opportunities you may have never considered applying for in the past (ultimately giving you the capability to become more valuable to a company hiring in that field). We notice our candidates find the most success when they are adaptable, enthusiastic and open to new endeavors. As a rule, we ask you try your best to move around and don’t neglect asking to try something new. Experience can be difficult to attain when companies look to hire candidates with previous experience. Temporary staffing allows entry level candidates the chance to gain experience in a variety of industries they may not be able to get into without previous backgrounds. We provide an opportunity to gain exposure to new fields, without the commitment of accepting a full time position.

Moving forward, keeping yourself accountable for your commitment to work, and keeping yourself flexible and enthusiastic can become a real game-changer when seeking temporary employment with Diversified Staffing. As previously mentioned, our goal is to give our candidates the tools to build their own success, so the first step is effort! The following is a great article about motivation for success, I encourage you to read it and take from it what you will.

Thanks for reading!