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“Spring” into a New Habit

Something about Spring evokes in us a desire to clean up and start anew.  New beginnings.  New starts and restarts.

We spring clean our houses by getting to the areas that have built up residue which we have overlooked for some time.  We have neglected the dirt and simply ignored it in the mean time.

But what about spring cleaning yourself?  Not the outside, but the inside, and while the latter greatly affects the outside attitude of the former.

The question is, are you aware of your inner voice that sets the limitations for you and hinders your advancement?  Are you ready to spring clean your thoughts and ideas that may have required scrubbing for some time now?  Chances are, if you have a habit that you have been unable to change, there is an accompanying inner voice that is serving the delaying process.

As in business, when the economy decelerates, we tend to accept the excuses that things are just slow and that business is poor due to uncontrollable circumstances.  It’s not to say that the variable may not have some overall effect, but how much are you willing to accept the limitation that you set within your own consciousness?

How about try to “spring clean” your own thoughts and limitations?  Instead of accepting the current situation, try telling yourself that you will find the business wherever it may be and no matter what!  Believe that you will succeed despite a not so favorable situation; that you are deserving of being noticed as a valuable professional and that organizations will seek out your solution focused business savvy.  A fresh outlook on the inside may precede a newness of attitude on the outside.

Fashion Designer Lily Pulitzer once boldly said, “Despite the forecast, live like it’s Spring.”

And after your clean, keep Spring in you heart.  You never know, you just might see some favorable new beginnings.