Silver Lining….

As a glass half full type of person, it can get daunting to be bombarded by the messages we often hear in the media. There is never a shortage of information telling us what isn’t positive in our economy.  One  thing I know, even though it may be difficult to see,  there is  often a silver lining.

In the shadow of our primary export, is the Agriculture Industry. Alberta continues to have a solid representation with wheat and other grains, canola oil and cuts of meat,” accounting for two-thirds of our agricultural exports last year.”

It may surprise some Albertans to learn that we are ” Canada’s second largest exporter of potatoes and potato products after Manitoba.”

“Alberta’s third largest resource industry, Forestry, continues to outperform many other sectors of the provincial economy. Lumber is an important commodity for Alberta’s forestry sector.  Due to the US housing market gaining momentum over the last few years, rising lumber prices have been adding to producers’ bottom lines.”

With a growing global middle class means money is being spend on food, increasing opportunities for Alberta’s farmers, ranchers and food manufacturers to meet the additional demand.

The current lower value of the Canadian loonie brings optimism to our Hospitality Industry. Many of us will be taking an Alberta Stay-cation and we always welcome our neighbors to the south to come up for a Holiday spending their dollars in our local economy.

It’s official, we are now being called Hollywood North!  May 19th marks the opening of the Calgary Film Centre bringing national and international opportunities to the industry.  We most recently have been recognized for the Emmy award winning series Fargo and the Golden Globe and Academy Award winning movie, The Revenant.

In a hot home buyers’ market, we are seeing more “FOR SALE” signs go up, with potential buyers considering  if they should continue renting or if this is a great time to buy a new(new to them)  home.

As we move into the warm summer months, who doesn’t have thoughts of a beverage or two on a patio? Whether at home, or at a local watering hole, creating an increase in liquors sales.  The revolution of the microbrewery and the fact that” Alberta is a large exporter of whisky, shipping $66.7 million of the spirit to international customers last year” lends to an upswing in the spirits industry.

We Albertans are known for our hard work (and play), persistency and our tenacity.

If we take the time, we just might see, The Silver Lining.

(Statistical information from Todd Hirsch – ATB Economist)