Resume Tips from our Office Recruiters

With the market for job search being tough these days, it is important to have a resume that will stand out in the hundreds that are submitted daily.

Did you know, that it takes hiring managers on average 6 seconds to scan through a resume to come to a conclusion? (TheLadders)

Here are some tips from our recruiting team here to help you put a top notch resume together that will grab the reader’s attention!


  • Do not shy away from using a template that you have found on the web. A lot of the time it will give you a great start, and you can always customize from there
  • Ensure that your resume is kept under two pages, anymore and your chances of having the hiring manager notice your resume goes down substantially
  • Make sure that your objective is clear and highlighted
  • Proper spacing is key, it needs to be easy to read for the employer
  • With so many applicants coming through, recruiters and employers want to ensure that you will be the perfect fit. Ensure that all of the skills that you possess which are most relevant are listed closest to the top

With any resume, you want to be as accurate as possible with your months, dates and experience


  • If you have a resume with three to five years of experience, keep it under one page, and if it is between five and ten years experience, keep it under two pages
  •  Include the months as well as years in your timeframe for your past/current positions
  •  Accuracy with the type of position is essential, for example; Temporary, Contract, Internship, Full Time and Part Time
  •  Unless otherwise stated, leave your headshot or photo off your cover page and resume
  •  Always, always, always spell and grammar check

Hopefully these tips from our Office Recruiters in our Diversified Staffing Team, will help you put together a great resume that you will feel confident sending out to potential employers. It should help your resume get more interest from hiring managers, and will hopefully transfer to more interviews. Happy job hunting!