Preventing Slips, Trips & Falls

Workplace Safety Tips

Preventing injuries in the workplace isn’t always complicated. A lot of injuries that occur are easily preventable with simple measures and increased situational awareness. From our 39 years of labour staffing experience, here are some basic tips on how to avoid some of the more common everyday workplace injuries.

Take ownership and cleanup spills…you never know who will turn the corner and slip!

• Wet or Waxed Floors – Watch out for floors that have been waxed but not buffed.
• Carpets – Make sure all rugs and carpets are not frayed and are properly tacked down or have non-skid mats underneath.
• Loose flooring – Use caution when walking over loose tiles, bricks, pavement, or floorboards.
• Wet spots – Clean-up or report all spills immediately. Don’t wait for a small spill to dry itself.
• Oil, grease on floors – Have rags and detergent ready whenever you use oily materials. Don’t let grease or oil accumulate on a shop floor.
• Untidy floors – Even a small object on the floor, can cause a trip and fall.

Never place an electrical cord directly in a walkway!
• Electrical Cords – Keep extension cords away from pathway. Use walkway cord covers if necessary.
• Repair or replace – Look out for stair treads that are cracked or worn. Use non-skid mats.
• Erect orange “warning” cones to warn people of potential slip, trip, or fall hazard.
• Furniture – Arrange furniture to avoid obstacle course of potential falls.
• Materials – Don’t store materials in hallways, aisles or stairs.

Don’t carry a load you can’t see over!
• Get help – Carry only what you can handle. Don’t rush.
• Drawers – keep them closed.
• Lighting – make sure stairways and hallways are well lighted.
• Never use “makeshift ladders” – don’t use furniture or boxes as a makeshift ladder. Use a sturdy, balanced stepladder or a step stool made specifically for that purpose.
• Watch hems and cuffs – they should be short enough so that you don’t catch a heel while walking.
• Don’t jump – lower yourself from docks, trucks, or work stages.