Preparing Yourself to Work in the Heat

Preparing Yourself to Work in the Heat

It is finally summer in Calgary. This means it is also construction season and we are seeing many Calgary construction jobs pop up on our job board, If you are working outside this summer, then make sure you are aware of how to avoid heat stroke.

According to an article written by Dr. David Michaels, “in 2012, there were 31 heat-related worker deaths and 4,120 heat-related worker illnesses”.  The importance of preparing yourself to work in heat is essential.  As a professional recruitment agency in Calgary, we have found a few important things to do to help prevent heat stroke are:

  • Don’t overexert yourself.
  • Drink a quart of fluids an hour.
  • Wear loose clothing light in color and fabric, as well as a hat and sunblock, and stay in the shade or indoors if possible.
  • Open windows and use fans, or turn on air conditioning. If you don’t have air conditioning, go to a public place that does, like a mall, library, or movie theater.
  • Avoid caffeine, which can speed up dehydration.

Not taking necessary steps to prepare yourself for working outside in hot conditions can result in dehydration, heat stroke and loss of work.  Our Calgary recruiters make sure all of our staff take these important precautions. While working in a Calgary construction job, a few signs to be aware of that may indicate that you are becoming dehydrated or suffering from heat stroke are:

–           Pale skin

–           Fatigue, weakness

–           Dizzy or nauseous

–           Sweating profusely

–           Rapid pulse

–           Fast, shallow breathing

–           Muscle weakness or cramps

–           headache


Always remember to advise your supervisor, and your Calgary recruiter at Diversified Staffing, right away if you are showing any signs of dehydration or heat stroke.  We want you to enjoy your Calgary construction job and to not get injured from heat stroke. Attached please find a link to an app for heat index.