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Pneumatic Tools

The dangers of pneumatic tools differ from those of electric-powered equipment. Protect yourself by reviewing the hazards and prevention methods below.


  • Operating at the incorrect pressure or flow can cause excessive force, resulting in serious injury.
  • Air hoses that are the wrong size for the tool or in poor condition with kinks can cause variations in the pressure exerted to the tool. This may cause injury to the operator.
  • Severed or broken hoses can thrash violently until the air is disabled.
  • The tool may discharge air contaminated with oil or antifreeze, causing a respiratory hazard.
  • Pneumatic tools may not be grounded or double insulated. Contact with an electrical source could cause shock.
  • Poorly designed equipment may result in a release of air at colder temperatures. This could result in frost bite or cumulative trauma injuries.
  • Exhaust air released by the tools is often un-muffled, exposing workers to high decibels.


  • Complete your Diversified Staffing Hazard Assessment Card upon arrival to the jobsite and before you start working.
  • Ensure the tools are always operated at the correct pressure and flow, and train workers on equipment prior to use.
  • Conduct a visual inspection on tools and hoses prior to each use, and always lock out and replace defective items.
  • When installing quick fittings, ensure the male ends are placed on the tool to prevent thrashing if a hose breaks.
  • Always operate in well ventilated areas. Ensure maintenance is conducted on the tools as required.
  • Isolate your work area from places with potential electrical discharge.
  • Ensure tools with the proper design are chosen for the task being conducted. If use of gloves as PPE do not cause other hazards they may be used with tools that release cold air
  • Install mufflers on equipment that does not come equipped with noise minimizing equipment.
  • Always use ear plugs when required by your company’s PPE policy.

For further information please visit the following link https://diversifiedstaffing.com/why-dss/health-safety/sjps-swps/ and review Diversified’s Hand and Power Tool Safe Work Practice