Out of a Job? Where to next?

So you are out of a job, you have exhausted your network in the process of your job search, and you have no current leads in finding a suitable position any time soon. Where to next? You may have heard of temporary staffing agencies, and you may or may not be open to temporary office roles. Let me pass along a story that one of our Office Recruiters, Tricia, had the pleasure of being part of.

In the last quarter of 2019, a woman, came in looking for full time work and was open to temporary positions at the time. Our administration staff set her up with an application form, collected all of her information and proceeded with our regular process, setting her up for an interview with Tricia. Upon completing the interview and the testing that all of our candidates go through, one of our clients reached out to Tricia and asked for her to send over two individuals that she thought might fit for a data entry position.

This candidate was one of the two who were sent out for an interview with the client, and she immediately loved the company! A few days later she found out that the client had chosen the other candidate over her, however, she was still optimistic that she would find work soon.

A few hours later, the client called Tricia asking for her directly. They had another data entry position come up that they needed filled, and thought that she would be perfect. The candidate jumped on the opportunity to start the two month part time contract, so her recruiter set everything up and she began her two months.

Nearing the end of her contract, the client realized that they needed her longer than planned so they extended her contract and moved her up to full time for another eight months. One again, it was closing in on the end of her contract, and this time they wanted to hire her on as a full time employee for the company!

Since then, the paperwork has been signed, and our candidate has gone from being a walk in at a temporary staffing agency, to a full time employee for one of our clients. Temporary does not always mean just that, sometimes there are opportunities that come up further down the line that we did not expect.