Orange is NOT the New Black: Best and Worst Colors to Wear in a Job Interview

Women in orange jumpsuits may have won over Netflix audiences everywhere, but wearing orange to a job interview won’t win over too many hiring managers. Voted for by 1 in 4 employers, orange topped the list for the worst color to wear to a job interview and was most closely associated with unprofessionalism.

Good old fashioned blue (23 percent) and black (15 percent) — probably the most staple, conservative colors for business attire — topped the list of colors employers want to see candidates wear during job interviews.

That’s according to a fun new CareerBuilder survey, which took into account responses from more than 2,000 hiring managers and HR professionals.

The Color Wheel

While fashionable candidates may scoff at wearing boring brown, for example, this color in fact gives off the air of being dependable – something hiring managers are looking for.

Here’s a snapshot of attributes employers tend to associate with colored clothing draping candidates:

  • Black: Leadership.
  • Blue: Team Player.
  • Gray: Logical/Analytical.
  • White: Organized.
  • Brown: Dependable.
  • Red: Power.
  • Green, Yellow, Orange or Purple: Creative.

Polish Your Resume – And Also Your Shoes!

Apart from clothing colors, there are a few other things employers look for when sizing up job candidates during an interview.

For instance, it can only help if candidates are well-groomed with polished shoes, wrinkle-free clothes and manicured nails.

Similarly, tailored outfits that drape one’s frame appropriately get a thumbs up, while overly bold accents — including wacky ties or loud patterns — get a thumbs down for being more of a distraction than a conversation starter.

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