It’s that time of year again

It’s that time of year again; chestnuts are roasting on an open fire; the snow is
glistening, and you have nothing to wear for your holiday work party. Furthermore, you
don’t really know how to behave, but you do know that you definitely want your job in
the New Year.

What do you do? You have a good time, act appropriately and deepen your
relationships with your coworkers. As simple as this sounds, there are definitely places
where people go wrong. We hope the following list of holiday tips will help take some of
the stress out of your holiday season.

1. The spirits are a flowing. What do you do? Relax, have a drink, and maybe even
have two. Know your limit and have one to two drinks less than you think you
can easily handle without showing any signs of intoxication. If you know that one
drink will send you on the buffet table dancing with the turkey, drink water.

2. Always coo the baby. Many modern offices are designing their Christmas parties
to accommodate the whole family. If your co-worker has shown up with Santa’s
tiniest little newborn elf, smile, state in the most sincere voice you can muster
“Well isn’t that the cutest little wibbly woo woo baby boo”, then calmly and
casually walk away and claim your free drink.

3. Go on your tinder date tomorrow. Maybe your work is offering two free meals,
some drink tickets and unlimited candy canes. This generosity need not be
extended to the hottie who just swiped right on your tinder pic. You haven’t even
met this hottie in person! For all you know, they suffer from an extreme case of
halitosis. This should not be your date to your work’s holiday soiree.

4. Please dress appropriately. If one can see up, down or through your gown, you
have not dressed appropriately. You may have a killer body that you are eager to
show off, but resist. Please resist.

5. Pick your topics of conversation carefully. Topics to be avoided include politics,
religion, and your brilliant plan to revamp the company’s mission statement. The
weather is off limits, unless you are in the middle of snow-mageddon talking about
the weather is boring. Don’t do it. Suitable topics of conversation include but are
not limited to family, hobbies and holiday baking! Have you just discovered a
delicious new fruit cake recipe? If so, then share it!

6. Make sure you are able to get home safely. Make a plan to arrange a ride but do
not drink and drive under any circumstances.

Happy Holidays!