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Fear Not, Become Diversified

Fear can stop you on your feet and block you from going forward.  Fear is most often associated with a loss of control.  How do we continue to function day to day when surrounded by uneasiness and uncertainty?

First of all you must discern between the things that you can and cannot control.  Making a list may sound cliché, but it often puts things into perspective.  Examples like changes in economy, decrease in jobs, and world events are, in most part, the things that we cannot control and it can make us feel helpless.  But what can we control during times like these?   Well, we can choose to feel appreciation for the people and things we already have in our lives.  We can also decide to make responsible decisions like purchases and money going out of our household.   We can also manage our integrity, hope, and day to day attitude which not only affect ourselves, but also our family and the people around us.

What being diversified means is having an open appreciation to people and ideas; but it doesn’t mean changing who you are and what you believe to be true.

Acknowledge that you can still be surrounded by a constant outside chaos of events (the things you can’t control) while staying still and peaceful in the centre.  You see, the centre is where your control lies!  And the best part of being diversified is that it allows you to be accessible to the goodness of the people and events in the chaos, even when these things are in a constant state of motion.  And while being exposed to the chaos, you can stand still in the midst (the place you can control) and hold true to your values, character, and the other things you can manage.

Managing your centeredness will diminish the fear.  So let go of worrying about the matters and events you can’t control and stay true to the peace in your core. The Diversified Staffing team is proud to stay true to our deepest core company values, while we continue to weather the changes of today and tomorrow.