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Edmonton Recruiters List Top 5 Interview Mistakes

Edmonton Recruiters List Top 5 Interview Mistakes

As a Edmonton recruiting and staffing company, we get lots of questions about what not to do in an interview. Our Edmonton recruiters have heard many rumors of interviewees who stumble into the interview late while wearing cargo shorts and flip-flops. We’ve even heard stories of interviewees not showing up at all (fortunately, these have not been our recruits!).

So to help you make the best impression possible, our Edmonton recruiters have compiled a list of the top 5 interview mistakes to avoid.

  1. Arriving late. It is best to be within 15 minutes early to an interview.
  2. Having mobile devices on hand. Make sure they are put away and set to silent.
  3. Talking negatively about former employers. This tends to be a red flag to any hiring manager. Stay positive and keep the focus on yourself.
  4. Dressing unprofessionally. Always look presentable. Do not come to an interview in sweats, hoodies, flip-flops, runners, etc. Dress for success!
  5. Portraying negative body language. This is one of our Edmonton recruiters’ top recommendations. Negative body language can say a lot about you. Be      sure to keep eye contact and look engaged.

First impressions are made within 5 minutes of meeting someone, and an interview only captures a snapshot of what you have to offer. So take the advice of our Edmonton recruiters – Make sure to always put your best foot forward!