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Edmonton Employment Agency Lists 5 Glaring Résumé Mistakes Not to Make

As an Edmonton employment agency, we have seen our fair share of résumé mistakes. We have seen so many that it is almost impossible to narrow it down to just a few. However, we have narrowed down the top 5 to avoid if you want to make the best impression to an Edmonton recruitment agency.

1 – Check your information

Make sure you put down the right information. If you make it to the interview stage and you say your strength is “detail-orientated” but then the Edmonton staffing agency catches something incorrect on your resume like a wrong date or job detail, it’s a red flag.

2 – Notify your references

Before you put someone down as a reference, always make sure you have asked them prior to listing them on your resume. It is important that you have at least one professional reference as this is the best indicator of past work performance.

3 – Keep resume format simple

Don’t use too many different fonts and colors. People think that they need to grab the Edmonton recruitment agency’s attention but ultimately it just distracts them from the important content with in. Edmonton recruitment agencies have to add their logos and sometimes condense a resume, so try using a template that does not require you to work within boxes.

4 – Proof read your resume

It is always best to get a second set of eyes to proof read your resume after you have reviewed it yourself. Relying solely on spell check isn’t a good idea as it won’t catch misused words such as their/there, or the over use of commas.

5 – Keep it relevant

Tailor your resume to each individual job that you are applying for and take the time to understand what each employer is looking for. If you are applying for a heavy duty mechanic job, an electrical apprentice job, or an accounting job in Red Deer, you want the Edmonton recruitment agency to see that you fit this specific position. Your resume should highlight why you would be suitable for that specific position.