Building Relationships and Networking

Networking is the key to success in business according to Keith Ferrazzi, business coach and author or Never Eat Alone, a book about the power of relationship building and networking. Networking helps you find jobs, recruit talent, win new customers and discover investors who will support your ideas. With the right approach, you can build lasting relationships. Here are some tips to become a master networker.

Before – Make the most of the opportunity

  1. Do your homework  – If possible get your hands on the attendee list before the event and identify a handful of people who you want to meet. Look up their profiles on Google and LinkedIn and learn about their background to determine the best way to approach them.
  2. Prepare your pitch – Create a 15 second verbal business card that you can use when you are introducing yourself to people. It should be clear and concise. Who are you? What is your company? What are your goals? What is it that you want from these new relationships that you are developing?
  3. Set goals – How many people do you want to talk to and who in particular?

During – It’s about them

  1. Be yourself – Keep in mind that networking is about being genuine and authentic, building trust and relationships, and seeing how you can help others.

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