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Boredom in the Boardroom


“T ’was the start of a new year, and all through the week

Not a caller was calling, not even a squeak

Co-workers were still holidaying some place warm

Making things a bit slower in the wintery storm.”


You’ve mastered the art of multitasking: you’re a machine, you’re efficient, you are the Webster Dictionary definition of a model employee. But sometimes, even in the epicenter of Calgary, a Company can experience a drought and even the best employee can feel useless often due to a holiday. Here at Diversified Staffing Services, the administration team has compiled a master list of fun, exciting, and time consuming tasks to keep the worker bee busy during the slower weeks at work.


Build rapport with your coworkers.

Even something as simple as sending a funny email can brighten someone’s day and develop a closer relationship with a co-worker. Take this time to go for lunch with another employee that you may not know so well, or try bonding over coffee. Host a team building event such as Potlucks or group lunches.

Get organized

Spend some quality time with that junk drawer in your desk that everyone is too afraid to admit they have, or the storage closet, nearly everyone in the company is afraid to enter alone.  Look through old emails and coordinate your outlook. Never miss a ‘to-do’ or a ‘don’t forget’ ever again. Getting organized makes for easier access to supplies or documents, and ensures a stress free environment.

Succession planning

Ensuring tomorrow’s success is what makes a company strong. Developing manuals or instruction sheets to provide new employees with information is highly advised. If you don’t already have one, making one will take some time giving you something productive to do during the slower days. If you already have a new employee handbook, update it! – There are always new ways of accomplishing tasks that may be of great importance. Pass that knowledge on!

Get some exercise

You’re itching to work off that holiday feast but, you’re stuck at your desk with nothing but computers and staplers in sight. Make the office your bo-flex! Your building is an oyster! There are hundreds of fun and, in most cases strange but, effective exercises you can do right in your chair. And finding them on Google is as easy as the pie you ate last week. If you work in a tight cubical, go for a walk or even lunge in the unoccupied corners of your department. Studies show that an employee that gets up from their desk at least once every 30 minutes to engage in physical activity had heightened engagement and better concentration. A New Year: a more productive you!

Help out

When everything is organized, pre-meditated and your thighs give out from all the chair squats you’ve done, you could always help another employee out. Just because you might have all the time in the world may not mean the same for your colleagues. Become the designated envelope stuffer or offer to contribute to the seemingly insignificant things others may not have time to do. A little goes a long way!


At the end of the day, we’re all here as a team and we’re all in need of vacation from our vacation but, let’s not forget that, although it may be frustrating, we are still getting paid!

There’s no reason why we shouldn’t at least use this time to get ahead, so keep productive and stay classy, your hard work won’t go unnoticed.