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A “Peace” Work Quilt

Do you agree that a quilt is only as memorable as the place of intention from which it was created?

Stitched together, many diverse remnants and unique “peaces” can come together as a unified whole.  A quilt is much like a group of persons, be it a family, organization, city…, country, all of which are interwoven by individuals who when joined will create a common denominator.

Anyone can create a quilt from scratch if truly set out to do so.  All you need is materials and instructions and a plan.  Think about the items that formulate a quilt such as the fabric, tools, thread, and collected “peaces.”  And think about a formulated group of people that collect their “pieces” such as skills, mission, commitment, loyalty, honor, and more.

Despite similar materials, some quilts will pass the test of time and hold more meaning than others.  Yet a quilt should not be dissimilar from the next under the same directions – as acts of commitment, loyalty, honor, respect etc., ought to permit the same result.  The same elements should create the same outcome, should they not?

Consider that a generic quilt “pieced” together will still provide an external warmth.  However how greater is the meaning of the quilt if created from a genuine consideration, tenderness, and from someone who has your best intentions at heart?   It’s the sort of quilt that warms your heart by creating an internal warmth.  The former will be unable to do so, as it holds little meaning and is easily forgotten on the shelf over time.  But a timeless “peace” work quilt is created under the umbrella of love, and that love creates a “piece” that will long surpass the quilt.

Ask yourself this… what quilt do you want to be a “peace” of?  And then look back at the first statement and decide what memories and legacy you want to leave behind.

The Edmonton group commends the uniqueness of every person who has woven in and out of our organization, as we celebrate this month of remembrance and are proud to be a part of the Canadian quilt.