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9 Ways to Stand Out at Work

  1. Know Your Strengths – Take a minute or two to think of the top three things you are best at. Get creative and think about how these strengths can be applied to your job. This will allow those around you to see you perform at your best and your strengths will be noticed and appreciated.
  2. Improve on Your Weaknesses – Everyone has at least one area they can improve on. Recognize these areas and continuously work to improve them. Don’t be afraid to take fault for any mistakes you’ve made so you can learn from them.
  3. Be Confident and Professional – Appearing confident is just as important as feeling confident. Dress to impress by keeping your appearance looking clean and professional. Have good posture and walk tall with your head held high. When speaking to others look them in the eye and communicate clearly.
  4. Listen – Don’t be too self-involved. Listen to those around you – superiors, subordinates, and equals. Be personable and get to know your colleagues. Pay attention and learn about them. Being genuine and sincere will go a long way. Not only does this make you more relatable, but you also become more aware of the office dynamics.
  5. Work Hard – Working hard may seem like common sense, but a lot of people do not fully understand what “working hard” entails. Yes, every role has specific duties, but what are you doing to go above and beyond? Look outside your job requirements, offer your assistance to others, take on different projects, and show initiative when it comes to finding ways to keep busy. Always remember, no task is below you!
  6. Shadow – If there’s a specific position that interests you, ask to shadow someone who is currently in that role. Shadowing will give you a better understanding of the position and will display your eagerness to learn new things.
  7. Communicate – Check in now and then with your team lead/manager. Voice any new ideas or thoughts you have. Make sure to be open and honest about any conflicts that may have come up. It’s also a good idea to share your goals and where you’d like to see yourself in the future. This way, you have put forward that you are thinking long-term and want to grow within the company.
  8. Find a Mentor – A mentor is someone who can help and guide you. Think about your career goals and what skills you’d like to develop or improve on. Choose someone who emulates these qualities–someone you admire and respect. Your mentor should be a colleague you feel comfortable with and who you can talk freely to about career and workplace issues.
  9. Be Patient – Do not expect instant gratification. You may not receive a raise or promotion right away, but don’t be discouraged. Take every day step-by-step. Be consistent and continuously work hard. Most importantly, show up with a smile and positive attitude – results will come!