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7 tips for a Safe and Happy Holiday Season

7 tips for a Safe and Happy Holiday Season:

  1. Choose a fresh Christmas tree, not a dry one. Set it up in a container of water and add more water as required. A dry tree is a fire hazard, so keep your tree fresh and moist.
  2. 2. If you think this combination of water and Christmas tree lights sounds dangerous, you’re right! Keep the container of water covered and do not allow electrical lights to come anywhere near it.
  3.  Ensure your Christmas tree lights are in good condition and free of electrical defects or any signs of wear or damage. All lights must be working before hanging up the lights.
  4.  Many broken legs and worse injuries have resulted from ladder accidents when tacking up decorations. Don’t stand on makeshift supports such as chairs. Use a step stool or stepladder for putting up indoor lights and other ornaments. And use the ladder safety when putting up outdoor lights. Follow the same best practices you’d follow at work.
  5.  Family baking and cooking efforts are an enjoyable holiday activity, but be aware of the hazards of slippery floors, cutting tools and simmering pots on the stove.
  6. Don’t burn wrapping paper or cardboard in fireplaces or stoves. It’s safer to send these items out with the garbage or recycling.
  7. Supervise young children throughout the holidays. When the household is in an uproar and there are many new items to investigate, a toddler is likely to find something hazardous to play with.