10 Basic Tips Not To Do In An Interview

1)      Don’t come unprepared- Make sure you do research on the company and learn as much as you can before going in. Bring a resume even if you sent one in already, references, something to write with, what you want or expect in terms of the position and salary, and any questions you may have. This shows interest in the company and organizational skills.

2)      Don’t struggle for answers- Make sure to practice answering questions before you go for an interview. Try and come up with typical interview question answers so you are not struggling. Typical questions can be found on the internet so try and go through a couple. Interviews are mainly talking about yourself and nobody knows you better than you.

3)      Don’t dress casual- Dress appropriately for the position. You only have one chance to make a first impression and if you make the wrong choice on what to wear you may not get another chance. It’s always better to dress up too much than not enough.

4)      Don’t have your cell phone on- Turn it off. This can provide distractions and interruptions and is rude. Make sure you are giving the interviewer your full attention.

5)      Don’t slouch, don’t swear, don’t interrupt- Make sure you have an open posture (sit straight, no arms crossed). It shows interest and approachability. Make sure not to swear and maintain a professional tone. Don’t interrupt it is rude. This will go a long way.

6)      Don’t lose focus- Make sure to maintain eye contact. It shows interest and you can pick up on body language from the interviewer such as give me more information or that’s a good answer etc.

7)      Don’t wait too long to answer a question- Try to provide answers quickly and accurately. If you can’t think of an answer right away, ask if you can think about that and move on to another question. This will keep the interview moving at a good rate.

8)      Don’t ramble- Make sure you are not getting side tracked talking about things that are not relevant. Provide precise answers and move on unless you are asked to elaborate.

9)      Don’t let the interviewer do all the talking- Remember you are there to be interviewed and provide the interviewer with as much information about you as possible. Don’t go overboard but follow the interviewers lead.

10)   Don’t forget what you are there to do- Remember an interview is to gather information about you. In essence you are selling yourself so make sure you focus on the positive.